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When I'm not in front of a computer I'm either running, hiking, cycling, or climbing. You can check out my Strava profile.
These four organizations provide a good snapshot of what I like to do.

For almost twenty years I've been teaching Web Design and development at Seattle Central Creative Academy. I'm also passionate about building better digital products and using generative AI tools. From User Research to Social Media, I offer expert advice to help you launch your website, application, or marketing campaign.

When I started, I taught myself HTML/CSS because being a 'web designer' seemed like a pretty cool idea. Since then I've been exposed to a huge range of ideas and I've had the good fortune to have a job that's allowed me to keep learning. I've continued to grow as a professional by expanding my skillset as well as my academic range of subject matter.

We don't really say 'web design' very often. The field has grown and morphed into UX design, UI design, Product design, Motion design and a host of others. Along with a whole new stack of technologies and software tools, I'm always trying to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. This allows me to solve more complex problems for my clients and bring best practices to my students

Before I became a designer, I spent many years working as a chef. I still love to cook and bake and the longer I practice these crafts, the more similar I find them to be. Becoming a better baker makes me a better designer, and vice versa. During the warmer months I spend a lot of time in our garden with my wife and you will frequently find us pickling, preserving, or processing something for the coming winter.

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