• User Research
  • UX Design
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • WordPress Development
  • Webflow Development
  • Design Systems

I love building websites. I can do both design and development. I also like solving real problems for real people and creating successful outcomes for my clients.
If you're just getting started or ready to take your business to the next level, I can provide expert guidance.

User Research and UX Design

If you're trying to solve a problem for real people, you're going to need real data. I can conduct user research, user testing, competitor analysis, or plain old internet sleuthing and provide a recommendation for moving forward. Once you're ready to build something, I can provide wireframes, task flows, prototypes, and presentations to get you to the MVP level (Minimum Viable Product). While I don't build actual Android/iOS apps, I can export code and functional specs to your developers.

Branding and Visual Design

Great brands inspire trust and forge an emotional connection with your customers. And in todays marketplace your brand needs to be seen in multiple channels and customer touch points. A successful brand has customers repeating your story and making it part of their story. When your brand needs to stand out in a crowded marketplace, I can help craft a meaningful identity, the messaging and art direction, a system of related assets, and a strategy for going forward.

Content Strategy and Social Media

Great design begins with great content. If you need help crafting a message that real people can relate to while targeting results for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I can begin with your basic ideas and finesse the copy while I build the website. If you are using social media, I can build out a social media kit that recycles this content into a series of templates so that you can easily post and drive traffic to your site.

WordPress and Webflow Development

While there are many CMS (Content Management Systems) out there, I specialize in WordPress and Webflow. I'm also familiar with many of the other platforms and I can give you unbiased advice on which one to choose to solve your unique problem. I can help with eCommerce and online stores, payments processing, and event management. I can also perform WordPress site maintenance, fix your broken site, or bring an older site up to date, as needed. I can also provide an accessibility audit and bring your site into WCAG compliance.

Figma and Design Systems

If your team is experiencing growing pains and you wish you had time to build a design system, I can help. I can conduct an audit of all your different channels and platforms and provide a recommendation on how to build a 'single source of truth'. While not the only solution, Figma would be my tool of choice. I could either train your team to build the system in Figma or build it for you. The end result would be a streamlined workflow, reduction in design debt, and better designer-developer relations.

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