My Process

Initial Client Consultation

Over a phone call, Zoom call, or in-person meeting. I’d like to begin with an in-depth conversation where I can listen, learn more about your business or organization, and determine if I’m a good fit for your project.

Data and Analytics
Great design begins with great data. If you have any initial research, data about your customers, or have Google analytics installed, that will help inform my approach and possible solution.

Business Objectives
If you have specific measurable goals or key performance indicators (KPI) that you’d like to hit, please let me know.

Technology Requirements

If your website needs to run on a required technology platform, or you have certain requirements around things like accessibility and or search engine optimization, please let me know.

Content Strategy 

Great copywriting and messaging are essential for a great digital product. If you have existing content or an established copywriter, let me know. If not, I love writing copy while working on the design.

Client Questionnaire
If you'd prefer, you can simply fill out my new client questionnaire.

Branding and Visual Design
If you’d prefer to meet in person, we can organize a Branding Workshop (60 minutes) where we go through a series of exercises to determine your brand position, brand voice, and content strategy. Based on the results of this workshop, my first deliverable will be a series of Mood Boards that define and clarify your Brand position, determine the tone for Art Direction, and include three logo concepts. The next step is somewhat variable, as it might have a few rounds of revisions, designing additional assets for social media, writing additional content, or the purchase of stock photography. The final step will be the finished logo, all the essential file formats, any additional graphic assets or required writing, and a 20-page style guide with detailed instructions and brand guidelines for your team or future designers to work with.

Web or UX  Design
If your needs are Website specific, I can easily explain the different options, costs, and pathways required to get your content online and/or meet your goals and objectives.

Once those goals are clarified, I can produce a prototype, wireframe, or conduct some user research to determine if these objectives are worth pursuing. Responsive Design means designing for screens of all sizes, phones, tablets, and desktops. Rather than design for every possible screen size, I prefer to design with a layout-agnostic approach I call ‘Cards and Atoms’, where II design a series of smaller parts or building blocks of the website to determine the overall tone of your content but don’t mockup all the individual pages. Once the design is approved, I can build it over several platforms and advise you on the differences between pure HTML, WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, and others. And, if required, I can implement payment systems, online stores, search Engine Optimization, or Accessibility requirements.

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