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Web Design and Development. I could talk about these things for hours. I've probably bored some people at parties, but if you're interested in best practices, new tools, or solving problems for your users, I'd love to come talk to you and your team.

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last few years, you've probably heard of Figma and Webflow. Figma is used for screen design, prototyping, and handing of specs to developers and its great for collaboration and remote teams. Webflow is the best 'No-Code' tool that allows designers to rapidly build responsive websites with properly formatted, semantically correct, accessible code that developers would approve of. If you and your team would like to get up to speed on either of these tools, I have an expert skill level and can prepare a custom training that suites your needs.

While both these tools promise amazing results, the chances increase greatly when your designers understand the basics of HTML/CSS and Flexbox. Not all designers need to learn how to code, but if they take my 'Flexbox for Designers' workshop they'll be able to do much more with Figma and Webflow and the developers they work with will benefit as well.

If your team is still using Wordpress, I can provide custom training in using the new Block Editor or any other unique workflow challenges you might have. I also offer Design Thinking workshops, and a variety of UX problem solving workshops. If your team needs to get up to speed on the latest tools or techniques, I'd be happy to put together a customized plan.

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