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A Long Overdue Redesign

I had originally built Amy's last site in 2011. A complex undertaking that challenged all of my front-end development abilities (at the time). We had started talking about a redesign a few years ago, but the pandemic made that an unrealistic option. When I finally opened up the files last summer almost ten years had passed and I was really happy to see how neatly formatted and standards-compliant it was. Apparently, I knew how to follow practices, even back then. Also, the site looks great because of art direction from the incredibly talented Leo Raymundo.

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Erik was a delight to work with. I'm very grateful for his patience and gentle nudges over the years to see this project through to completion. His advice is always thoughtfully considered and is ability to explain technical jargon is greatly appreciated.
Amy Baker
This project required precise attention to detail, some complex javaScript interactions, multiple media queries for different devices and extensive testing to improve performance and page load speed. Overall, I'm really happy with how the site turned out and how my skills as a front end developer have improved over the years.

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